Welcome to the ‘Of The Earth’ page!

Welcome to the ‘Of The Earth’ page! umm, thats about it. Check out our pics, vids, and links. We’ll do updates as much as possible. No need for blogs yet… Let us know if you have ideas! thanks!

There is a new EP in the works for 2012!

Now that the first album has been set as a cornerstone of our past, it is time to evolve. As time and experience continue to affect us, fundamental changes to the bands emotion and direction are changing. We find ourselves in a digital age of lackluster new-rock polluting the airwaves. As much as the band looks for being able to and tour and increase the fan-base we look to transition away from the filth being shoved into the ears of the public. That being said, OTE is not planning on a full album for a while. Instead we will try EP installments, that feature 5-6 songs with a similar swagger. The music scene has been warped so dramatically over the past 10 years that we must address issues at things from a different angle. As we work on the next phase of our bands survival we are looking for any ideas to help improve the effectiveness of our voice. Being from a ‘dead zone’ in western mass, we are attempting to get to the Boston and Hartford areas, where we can only hope the love of rock still thrives. Welcome to 20-12.

Another Successful Benefit Show.

We had the opportunity to play at a show to benefit Pathways for Change, formerly the Rape Crisis Center of Central Massachusetts.  It was a good time,  organized by some great folks, and included some fantastic bands.  Hopefully we did our part to raise money for the cause.

The album has arrived!!!

Well, the album is finally in our hands. It’s a great feeling after spending the majority of 2010 planning the album, bickering about the album, recording the album, bickering some more about the album, and then waiting for what seemed to be an eternity for it to arrive. All in good fun, though. We all put everything we had into it every step of the way, from the songs themselves, to the artwork, to the packaging. It kind of felt like Christmas as a kid – getting antsy and impatient as you’re waiting for the big day to arrive – and now that it’s finally here we can’t wait to share it with the world.

As of right now we’ll be selling it at shows and hope to have some sort of “CD Release” with some of our closest friends. We’re selling it for $10 and it’s also available online (with the option to preview/purchase individual tracks) at:

Digistation: Of The Earth

Give it a listen. We hope you enjoy it. With any luck, we’ll also have some new show dates coming up, along with some new music and merchandise (T-Shirts, anybody?) for y’all very soon.

We’re in this for the long haul. The best is yet to come.


Happy 2011!

We have two new show dates:

Saturday, January 29th @ The Southwick Inn

Of The Earth, Dani OB, Jeff Wright (from the Creepin’ Cadavers), and more guests to be announced.


Saturday, February 26th @ The Skybox Sports Bar

AndyHasABand, The Futurenows, and Of The Earth


We hope to see you there!


Show Updates!

New Vids!

Greetings friends,

Take a minute and check out some videos of us in the studio a few months back. Leave us a comment, tell us what you think.

We have some shows brewing as well. Rumor is we will be playing at Maximum Capacity once again on January 1st. More details to come soon. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

An Update from Mikey

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